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Relapse Prevention Drug Treatment Programs

Come to a healing center that understands your unique situation. The Recovery Center in Wichita Falls, Texas is just that.

Unlike large, crowded and clinical hospitals, The Recovery Center is a smaller, homelike setting offering customized drug treatment in a variety of forms. More than just a drug rehab center, The Recovery Center sees you through every stage of addiction, abuse and recovery relapse prevention.

From that first call, you’ll be dealing with discreet professionals that truly want to help. You may have tried attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting or other support groups in the past, but now feel the need for something deeper. The Recovery Center offers all the services of a detox treatment center, inpatient drug counseling program and relapse prevention program.

Going beyond simply helping you quit, The Recovery Center is able to assist with the mental and emotional challenges that come with substance abuse through relapse prevention. Difficulties such as depression, sex addiction, and compulsive disorder are all within our realm of experience. We are also equipped to provide support to those with spouses in the military.

The Recovery Center is located in Wichita Falls, Texas. Unlike other recovery centers, we are not an oversized, clinical type facility. Our goal is to make clients and residents feel safe, secure and free to heal in any way they need to.

Anyone can experience the challenge of PTSD. Traumatic and unsettling events may result in PTSD at any age and any time. Intervention is essential so that sufferers and their families can move on with life and regain a sense of normalcy in their homes.

The Recovery Center is serious about supporting military families. In that spirit, our professionals run a program to support the families of those in uniform. Whether you are in a stage of separation, impending deployment, fear or loss, we will be with you and your family every step of the way.