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Programs & Services

Programs & Services

Treatment at The Recovery Center

The Recovery Center is a drug and alcohol treatment center that offers inpatient and outpatient treatment options for adults, and a specialized addiction treatment program for military personnel. With our 15 year history of success, we are equipped to help with the mental and emotional difficulties of addiction, treatment and recovery. If you or a loved one needs help, The Recovery Center is here for you.

The Recovery Center is not a hospital: we are an intimate, homelike treatment center that is designed to help our clients feel comfortable and secure. Our programs are individually tailored to meet each client’s specific needs, and our staff is committed to offering the highest levels of care and compassion. We take pride in offering convenient access to care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we believe that transportation should never be an issue. Contact us to learn more.

Services for Adults

Addiction and substance abuse treatment for adults at The Recovery Center includes both inpatient residential and outpatient program options.

Take the First Step

The Recovery Center’s professional staff are here to help. Call 940-761-3034 for a no-cost, confidential assessment any time, day or night. If you need immediate medical assistance, contact 911 or seek the nearest emergency room.